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Praia da Redinha, Natal/RN, Brasil: Uso y ocupación del suelo y vulnerabilidad a la erosión costera


  • Zuleide Maria Carvalho Lima Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
  • Ana Beatriz Câmara Maciel Rede Municipal e Estadual do Rio Grande do Norte
  • Janny Suenia Dias de Lima Ministério Público do Rio Grande do Norte


The State of Rio Grande do Norte has some municipalities by the Atlantic Ocean, which have undergone alterations in their coast. The city of Natal forms part of these modifications. One can mention the Coastal zone of the district of Redinha, that has been presenting deep transformations during the decades of 1980, 1990 and 2000, related to both natural and anthropic interferences. Given this evidence, the general objective of the work was to study the changes that occurred in the coastal zone of Praia da Redinha, Natal / RN-Brasil, during the last 40 years. The methodology used in the study was bibliographical research on the issues of: use and occupation of coastal zones and their anthropic and natural implications; field research for data recollection and production of cartography of the transformation process of the coastal zone. The results showed a land use characterized by buildings of first and second residence, also of hotels, pensions, restaurants and bars. Along with this, the effect of natural actions is also observed, such as the increase of erosion and decrease of the intertidal zone. The expansion of the urban area of the district, thus in the coastal zone, was verified; in 1969 the inhabited area was only 668.17 m2 and in 2006 this area was increased to 20,180.85 m2. This data demonstrates the need to develop new studies in coastal areas that produce knowledge of the natural evolution patterns of these environments.

Palabras clave:

Redinha Playa, Natal/RN-Brasil, urbanisation, land use and occupation