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Principios básicos para la obtención de un índice de jerarquización turística, aplicado a la provincia Antártica chilena


  • Berta Carvajal Araya Departamento de Geografía, Universidad de Chile


The necessity of having objective indicators that can contribute to the knowledge, of making decisions and the allocation of economic resources to projects of different nature, derives in the increasing use of certain quantitative parameters capable of pondering with an interesting degree of reliability at least part of the geographical reality of a determined region.

This quantitative basis can be obtained from a methodic and accurate review of the different regional variables that are implicit in a potential development of tourism, and from its respective classification and ponderation depending on the degree of importance.

Having in mind this necessity, these firts ideas have been elaborated. They lead to the application of a geographical method founded on an "Index of touristic hierarchy".

This method has been elaborated and tested in the case of the Chilean Antartic touristic regions (CARVAJAL & PATRI, 1979), here the examples and variables considered, refer particularly to this region, but this does not exclude the application of the method to other geographical regions. In fact, it would be enough to substitute the geographical and conditioning variables of the activity.

The resulting indeces were useful for the proposition of certain places that have privileged touristic offers. For this reason, they could be included in maritime touristic tours to the Antartic Chilean Province.